Europe – in towns across the continent people are taking to the streets, demonstrating in the cause of peace and unity and for the EU. The pulseofeurope initiative regularly motivated people to come out and stand up for the common European purpose and peace.


“We’re here to send a positive signal for Europe.“

“I’m here because I don’t want to see borders going up again in Europe.“

“Especially with all the things happening in the world at the moment, I thought: we have to come out and show our colours.“


Europe is also the issue at the Foreign Policy Citizens’ Workshop – an event held by the German foreign office and the Mercator Foundation. More than 100 people came to talk about Europe. The event is part of a Germany-wide series organized by the foreign office being held under the motto: “What kind of Europe do we want?“ that is taking place at 30 locations. The range of issues being addressed is broad ... but at the heart of it all it’s about the shared ideals of Europe. 


”I think it’s very valuable to have this kind of exchange and be open to other  people, cultures and countries.”

“I would like to see an open Europe, where we exchange ideas, and act creatively together.”


For generations, the EU has stood for peace.

The framework of a united Europe may be political, but it’s fleshed out with the ideas and actions of the people who live there.

Oton3: Sigmar Gabriel, German Foreign Minister

“It’s the greatest civilizational project of the 20th century. And now in the 21s century, you won’t find any other region in the world where states cooperate like we do, or have created what we’ve created in Europe.”


A lot of the conversations are about values – and about a foundation for Europe that’s important to many.


“We should see ourselves as part of Europe and not as something that is being imposed on us from outside.”


“Beyond economic strength, I’d like to see a Europe that exists because people are cooperating, because they have the same idea, and all have the same values.”

At the end of the event, the various working groups present their results, continue their discussions, and take a lot home with them, becoming ambassadors of a free Europe. That freedom depends on its people.