The Treaty Of Rome.

In 1957, the signatures of six countries create the cornerstone of the united Europe we know today. A European Union with joint institutions and common values. A success story.


The EU stands for peace.

Oton2: Sigmar Gabriel, German Foreign Minister

“It was a very unstable continent and our country was often the initiator of that instability. And for the first time in history we managed to banish that instability. I think we have to remember what a gift that is, and how rare it is. Rarely found in the rest of the world, and unique in the history of Europe.“


The EU stands for environmental and climate protection.

Mandatory environmental regulations, for example, for water and air quality, guarantee everyone  in the EU a better life, and a healthier one. EU member states are implementing the resolutions agreed at the Paris climate talks. The EU is also pursuing global climate diplomacy – because climate protection concerns everyone.


The EU stands for consumer protection.

Cross-border roaming fees are being consigned to the past, aviation passenger rights strengthened. The EU ensure food safety, and is introducing mandatory produce information on packaging. The EU acts on behalf of the consumer.


Die EU stands for citizenship of the Union.


This guarantees all EU citizens free movement and the basic right to equality of treatment in all EU member states. It includes consular protection abroad by other EU states. EU citizens have the right to vote in loal elections.


The EU stands for the freedom to move of workers and the common market – the largest single market in the world.


It guarantees people the freedom to choose where they work and live.

The removal of border tariffs and barriers to trade benefits the European economy and the people of the EU. Membership of the EU has improved living standards for citizens in all EU countries.


The EU stands for a common currency.

The Euro makes many things easier. Travelling through the eurozone means you no longer have to change money. Currency fluctuations are a thing of the past. Prices are easier to compare and thus more transparent. The Euro makes it easier for citizens and trading partners to plan ahead within the joint currency zone.


The EU stands for transparency.

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