Recognition of an Australian Driver’s Licence in Germany

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1. Temporary stay
When staying in Germany on a temporary basis (e.g. as a tourist), you are permitted to drive a motor vehicle if you have a valid Australian state/territory licence together with an official translation into German.

Translations of Australian driver's licences can, for example, be obtained at the ADAC, a German automobile club. Please make sure to submit your original (!) Australian driver's licence to an ADAC office in Germany or send it by registered mail to the ADAC at the following address:

ADAC Hessen-Thüringen
Abteilung Führerschein-Übersetzung
Grabenstraße 5
65183 Wiesbaden, Germany
Ph: +49 (0)611 377 073
Email: hth%27%adac%27%de,wiesbaden ,

2. Long stay
If you reside in Germany continuously for a period of 185 days or more (more than six months), you will be deemed to have established a "regular place of residence" there. In this instance, your Australian driver’s licence must be converted to a German driver’s licence within six months. Please note that Australian learner licences (category L) cannot be converted to German driver’s licences.
To convert your Australian driver’s licence (category C and R) to a German driver’s licence it is no longer necessary to pass a theoretical and a practical driving test.
Also provisional licences / probationary licences (category P / P2) will be converted with the exception of those issued in New South Wales and motorcycle P licences issued in Western Australia.




Australian Capital Territory

C, R (also provisional licences P)

New South Wales

C, R

Northern Territory

C, R (also provisional licences P)


C, R (also provisional licences P2)

South Australia

C, R (also provisional licences P2)


C, R (also provisional licences P2)


C, R (also probationary licences P2)

Western Australia

C (also provisional licence P),

R (not provisional licence P2)

For more information on converting your Australian driver’s licence to a German one, please co
ntact the competent driver licensing agency (Führerscheinstelle) of your place of residence in Germany.

3. Regulation on minimum age
Additionally the fact is pointed out that from 1 July 2011 a regulation of minimum age for holders of foreign driver’s licences has come into force according to which the licence is not to be used if the holder has not reached a minimum of 18 years of age ( § 10 Abs. 1 Satz 1 Nummer 3 Fahrerlaubnis-Verordnung (FeV)). 

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Recognition of an Australian Driver’s Licence in Germany