'Climate Change, Risks and Challenges'

ClimateMOOC Enlarge image (© Federal Foreign Office)

In November, about 20,000 politicians, researchers, diplomats and activists will meet at the annual World Climate Conference 2017 in Bonn, Germany to discuss global climate protection. The challenge is how to mitigate climate change and guard against the already existing impacts.

However, the responsibility should not be placed solely on politicians, since the international climate diplomacy requires perseverance over years and needs the civil society to build up ambition and momentum.

WWF Germany and the research association DKK (Deutsche Klima-Konsortium) have edited climate science in a concise and intriguing way and set up an online series of lectures on "Climate Change, Risks and Challenges". The Climate Course gives an overview about the many facets on climate science and is for everyone who wants to learn more about climate change and how to minimize the carbon footprint. It is designed for students, teachers as well as scientific staff, authorities, business companies, decision makers, editors and press.

Press Release - Get fit for the Climate [pdf, 336.09k]