Temporary passports

Since the production and shipment of biometric passports can take up to several weeks, the German Consulate can issue a temporary passport in addition to the biometric passport in case of proven emergencies. A temporary passport is valid up to 1 year and will be invalidated upon receipt of the biometric passport.

Passport applicants are required to apply in person and by appointment.

Please note: Some countries do not accept the temporary passport as valid travel document (e.g. no visa-free entry to the US). We therefore recommend you to check with the airline resp. with the country of destination before you apply.

The following is required for an application:

(Please provide the original and one photocopy per document)

  • Application form (available for download at the right)
  • Two recent, identical, biometric passport photos
  • current/ last German passport (not applicable for first time applications)
  • Full Birth certificate (if in another language, please also provide a translation into German or English)
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable (if in another language, please provide a German or English translation of the certificate)
  • Certificate of name change, if applicable
  • German naturalisation certificate, if applicable
  • If naturalized abroad: naturalization certificate and "Beibehaltungsurkunde"
  • If applicable: Citizenship certificate
  • If you are a resident in Australia (not a citizen): Current VEVO (not older than 2 weeks)  Visa Entitlement Verification Online                                                                                                                         
  • proof of residence in Australia (e.g. Australian driver's licence)
  • prepaid registered mail envelope (large, for dispatch within Australia) with your address. Please note that the German Missions will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of passports due to postal or courier service delivery.
  • De-registration form (‘Abmeldebestätigung’) from your last local authority (only applicable if the last place of residence was in Germany or if a German place of residence is still shown in the passport)

Please note that your application can only be accepted if the above documents are complete. If the documentation is incomplete you might have to make a new appointment.

Passport fees

Only at the German Embassy in Canberra and at the German Consulate General in Sydney can passport fees be paid either in cash (in Australian $, please enquire the current fee at the Embassy/Consulate) or with credit card (Visa or MasterCard - transaction will be processed in Euro).

At the Offices of the Honorary Consuls fees can only be paid in cash (in Australian $ at the current exchange rate of the German Missions).

Please note that at the Offices of the Honorary Consuls an additional fee applies for all legal acts regarding passport applications (in accordance with the regulation for foreign fees, AKostV). This includes € 50 for the collection of personal and biometric data, € 10 for certification of copies (certification by JP or others are not recognised) and € 5 for forwarding the passport application to the Consulate General in Sydney.

Where copies have to be certified by the Honorary Consul as part of the application process the exact fee may vary and can only be calculated once the application is submitted.

The surcharge to the basic fee for a passport application is standardized and applicable to all offices of the Honorary Consuls.


Applicants age +24 Years

under 24 years

Basic Fee

81,00 €

58,50 €

Additional fee for passport with 48 pages

22,00 €

22,00 €

Additional fee if you have residence outside our jurisdiction
(e.g. in Germany)

59,50 €

37,50 €

Additional fee for express passport

32,00 €

32,00 €

Temporary Passport

39,00 €

39,00 €

Additional fee for temporary passports if you have residence outside our jurisdiction (e.g. in Germany)

26,00 €

26,00 €

All statements mentioned on this website are based on knowledge and experiences of the German missions in Australia at the time the website was published.  As far as correctness and completeness are concerned this information is supplied without liability.

Temporary passports

Vorläufiger Reisepass

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Make an appointment


An appointment is needed at all missions in Australia. Depending on the mission, the appointment can be made online or over the phone.

Biometrical passport photos

biometrische Passbilder

Please read the passport photo requirements carefully before submitting your passport application.

Application form for persons over the age of 18


Application form for persons over the age of 18

Obligations for German citizen to travel to Germany on a German passport


Please note:

In accordance with Art 1 German Passport Act, German citizens are obliged to use a German passport when entering or leaving Germany.

Noncompliance with this regulation is a regulatory offence and can be punished with a fine of up to 5,000 €.