Police Clearance Certificate/ Certificate of Good Conduct


Police clearance certificates are issued by the Federal Central Register of the Federal Office of Justice, whose address is as follows:

Bundesamt für Justiz
- Bundeszentralregister –
Sachgebiet IV21/IR
53094 Bonn

Application procedure

The minimum age of applicants is 14. All applications must be made in person by the person to whom the certificate relates; no representative (including a lawyer) can apply. Applications should include the applicant's personal details, and must be signed personally by the applicant. The application and signature must be officially certified; this can be done by any German embassy or consulate or by a notary public. There is a fee of 20 EUR (payable in AUD) for the certification of signature.

Certification of signature


The fee for the certification of your signature at any German Consulate is 20 EUR and has to be paid in AUD according to the current exchange rate.

The fee for issuing a police clearance certificate is €13, payable in advance to:

Deutsche Bundesbank Filiale Bonn

Bank code: 370 000 00, Account number: 38001005

Account name: Bundesamt für Justiz

BIC/swift MARKDEF1370, IBAN DE49370000000038001005

Payment can also be made by cheque. Cheques should be made out in Euro and drawn from a German bank.  Fees levied by foreign banks for cashing a (foreign) cheque are to be added to the fee for the certificate of conduct. Questions relating to payments by cheque and their fees can be answered by the respective foreign bank.
If the amount is transferred, the carbon copy of the transfer order is to be forwarded to the Federal Office of Justice – if possible – with the application to issue the certificate of conduct. 

No certificate can be issued until the fee has been paid or appropriate proof of payment is provided.

Additional information

The certificate of conduct for personal purposes (private certificate of conduct) is only sent to the person making the application. The certificate of conduct is only issued in German. Any translation that may be required is to be organised by the person making the application themselves. The content of the certificate of conduct is in line with the provisions of the Federal Central Criminal Register Act.
The use to which it is to be put is to be stated when making the application.

More information can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Justice:
Federal Office of Justice

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Police Clearance

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Police Clearance application


Download the application form for a certificate of good conduct here.