Certification of signatures and copies, power of attorney, life certificates, identity verifications


Certification of signatures and copies, power of attorney, life certificates, identity verifications



To confirm genuity of an German or Australian document to use it abroad, you need an Apostille. More information can be found here.


Certification of signatures and copies

By certifying a signature, the consular officer confirms that the person indicated in the document was physically present and signed it in front of him or her. It is a simple form of authenticating a signature.

Police Clearance Certificate/ Certificate of Good Conduct

Information about how to apply for a German certificate of good conduct can be found here.

How to get a power of attorney or declaration of content

Information about how to have your signature certified on the power of attorney or declaration of consent can be found here.

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Life certificates for recipients of German old age pensions

Every year, recipients of a German pension are required to submit a "life certificate" to the pension authority to secure payments for the following year. These forms are mailed out directly to the pensioner by the competent pension authority. Most forms can now be certified by Australian authorities. In most cases the pensioner does not need to come to a German Foreign Mission.

Requirements for transportation of a corpse or urn to Germany

Germany has very strict laws on how to handle human remains. As a general rule, all coffins and urns have to be buried in licensed graveyards. Private citizens are not allowed to have urns in their possession. Therefore, all transport in Germany has to be handled by licensed funeral homes.

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An appointment is needed at all missions in Australia. Depending on the mission, the appointment can be made online or over the phone.

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Two German Missions and ten Honorary Consuls throughout Australia offer consular services. Each mission covers a specific geographic region. To find out which Mission can assist you, what the hours of operation are and how to reach it please use our interactive Consulate Finder.