Foreign and European Policy

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The 2016 White Paper

The Federal Government has recast the strategic foundations of its security and defence policy. On 13 July 2016, the Federal Cabinet for the first time in ten years adopted a new White Paper on German Security Policy and the Future of the Bundeswehr.

German - Australian Relations

Bilateral political relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and Australia have traditionally been friendly. Shared values and political interests provide a sound basis for trustful cooperation between Australia and Germany, which is fostered by a regular exchange of visitors in both directions. Australia is aware of Germany’s importance as a leading nation within the European Union. Conversely, Australia is an important partner for Germany because of its growing influence in Southeast and East Asia and its support for peace, democracy, respect for human rights and good governance

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Dealing with the new powers in shaping globalization

In a new strategy paper, the Federal Government outlines how it wants to cooperate with the new powers in shaping globalization and to positively influence the process. The strategy paper was adopted by the Federal Cabinet on 8 February. Afterwards, it was presented to the public at the Federal Foreign Office and discussed with experts.
With the slogan “shaping globalization – expanding partnerships – sharing responsibility”, the strategy paper deals with one of the key foreign policy questions of the 21st century: the rise of the new powers in an increasingly globalized world. The strategy is based on the assumption that the economic boom in many countries is causing a fundamental change in international policy.


Germany and the South Pacific

The German Embassy in Canberra covers Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Nauru.

German Foreign Policy

The primary goal of German foreign policy is to preserve peace and security in the world. The expanded concept of security covers not only questions of conflict prevention, defense, disarmament and arms controls, but also economic, ecological and social issues as well as human rights. This includes a committed effort on behalf of human rights world-wide and a global economy that creates opportunities for everyone, of fostering cross-border environmental protection and an open dialog between the cultures.

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Germany in the European Union (EU)

The European Union is the biggest political success story of the past 50 years. Peace and prosperity, freedom and security are achievements cherished by all EU citizens. Germany is a founding member of the organization and plays a very active role in shaping today's enlarged European Union. 

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Germany in the United Nations

Germany is actively engaged in the United Nations and plays an important role in shaping practically all areas of its work.

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The 16 Länder

The Basic Law underlines the special role played by federalism and the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Länder are varied and distinctive in both organizational and cultural terms. The following is a brief introduction to the 16 Länder.

Politics in Germany

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