Dr Anna Elisabeth Prinz / Curriculum Vitae

since 07/2016
Ambassador, German Embassy Canberra, Australia
Ambassador, German Embassy Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ambassador, Deputy Director-General for International Liaison of Science Relations and Research, Federal Foreign Office Berlin, Germany
Minister and Deputy Ambassador, German Embassy Tokyo, Japan
Commissioner for the Media, Federal Foreign Office Berlin, Germany
Deputy Head of the Directorate-General for Communication, Public Diplomacy and the Media, Federal Foreign Office Berlin, Germany
Head of Division for Public Diplomacy; Political Staff, Federal Foreign Office Berlin, Germany
Deputy Head of Task Force for EU Enlargement, Federal Foreign Office Berlin, Germany
Head of Political Section, German Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia
Head of Economic Section, German Embassy Bucharest, Romania
International Commodity Agreements, Federal Foreign Office Bonn, Germany
Head of Press and Cultural Affairs, German Embassy Colombo, Sri Lanka
Master of Public Administration, Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, USA
PhD in Political Science, Göttingen University, Germany

H.E. Ambassador Dr Anna Elisabeth Prinz

Dr Anna Prinz has been the German Ambassador to Australia since July 2016. 

‘Australia, lying on the growth side of the globe, is among the twenty largest economies in the world. It is rich in reserves of raw materials and is one of the leading countries in important fields like medicine and digitalization. Considering these factors, and adding its fifth place in an International Academic Ranking, it is important for us to have Australia as an Innovation Partner.’ 

Dr Prinz was awarded a doctorate in Political Science at the University of Göttingen in Germany and holds a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University (M.P.A. Harvard, Kennedy School). She began her diplomatic career in 1986. Since then, she has held various postings at German Embassies, including in Colombo, Bucharest and Jakarta. Dr Prinz has also held other positions such as Deputy Head of the task force on EU-Enlargement, Media Commissioner and Ambassador for Science Policy in Berlin. Before coming to Australia she served as Deputy Ambassador in Tokyo and as Ambassador to Slovenia in Ljubljana. 

One main focus of her work in Australia is supporting the initiatives of the high-ranking Australia-Germany Advisory Group - deepening and strengthening bilateral relations and exchange. This includes intensifying the Security Dialogue as well as working together on challenges of the future such as digitalization, industry 4.0, startups, technological change, energy transition and further cooperation in innovative research.

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Dr Anna Elisabeth Prinz / Curriculum Vitae

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